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Lighting : Right environmental lightning is combined by the furnitures position: before studying an electric lay-out ,you must keep in mind how the furnishings will be. To obtain a rational lighting it’s necessary: right direct light, indirect light and diffuse light; suitable use of lighting device; choice of efficient lamp; the correct lamp’s power, the environmental coloration.Direct lighting : It is indispensable where needs light concentration, for instance above the dinner-table, above the writing-desk, above the working-table.

Indirect Lighting: It’s suitable for the general premise’s lighting :The Brightness source is hidden at sight and lighting is obtained by the reflection over bright surfaces It must have supplemented with direct light devices.

Diffuse lighting : It’s obtained by reading-lamps or bracket-lamp that can create a romantic atmosphere. Chandelier or a floor lamp can produce both direct light and indirect and diffuse, so for obtaining a good lighting doesn’t be sufficient the appropriate lamp, but it needs the most suitable model.

We make an example. There are wall-lamps (appliquès) that produce a diffuse light; other, of the same category, that produce a direct light. If we must light the reading-corner, we will choose, among the appliquès, one that make direct light.
It’s important when we make a decision don’t concentrate on beauty evaluation, but it’s important that a lamp is a light device and it must be suitable for the aim of lighting : concentrate or diffuse light and not dazzle.

It’s important also to reduce power consumption; products are so many that it isn’t difficult to find a beauty and energy-saving lamp.

To obtain a good return of selected lamp it’s necessary that we use suitable bulbs. It’s not difficult : manufacturer indicates for all lamps the rights bulbs.There are some bulbs, Danish bulbs, those yield a pink light, soft and suggestive. Their price are more expansive than the others, but aside from hold for a long time, they consume less power.This type of bulb is adapt for a diffuse lighting.Room’s coloration improve lighting too. Light tint get better reflection factor, glossy wall more than matt ones.Covering in dark wood and cloth’s wallpaper help to create a quiet and cosy atmosphere, but also fade power’s lamp.

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