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Traditional Curtain

The traditional type. A widespread system of assembly it is that one called the American: it is very simple and it can be adapted to any kind of room. Although its apparent simplicity, it demands much attention especially in the choice of the sliding line, which has to be proportioned to the weight of the material to support: a properly sliding line will guarantee a good sliding eliminating the risk that the control string will break.
The American type of curtain is a little bit curly, with a small “crest” that hides the sliding line. Beyond those applying to the ceiling, there are lines that can be applied on the wall with tear working, suitable for the assembly of double curtains.
 Then there are the lines so called “at free suspension” (they can also follow a distance with bends), suitable for those curtains that have to divide two rooms. In order to allow the window shutters to open themself completely, it is important to know that the traditional curtain, when it is collected, occupies at the sides of the locking a volume equal to the 10 percent of its width. The control can be manual, electrical or with a little string.

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