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Bathroom without window

A bathroom without window is common call “blind”.
It’s usually in smal flat that the bathroom hasn’t a window to see outside: Aspirator
here it’s necessary, more than ever, an aspirator.

The aspirators are essentially in two kind: helical and centrifugal.
The helical one is used to let to vitiated air go out, through a hole in the wall (or in the window-pane).
The centrifugal aspirator carrys vitiated air in the exhalation pipe and it is usually applied directly to the hole in the pipe.
Generally, the helical aspirator is more effectiver than centrifugal one, because it’s directly connected to outside: the change of the air is immediate. The centrifugal one, which works in link with the exhalation pipe, has more difficult to discharge viziated air especially if the house is high: in low floor is necessary to apply an apparatus more powerful.

The helical aspirator must change the air ten times by the hour, the centrifugal one from ten to twenty times so, to know what aspirator to install, it’s necasary premises’ cubature: aspirators’ power is written on the apparatus, expressed by cubic meter by the hour (mc/h).

The power of an aspirator go from a minimum of 190 to a maximum of 400 mc/h so, dividing the power by cubic meter of the room, we obtain the number of change of the air by the hour.

In a “blind” bathroom isn’t necessary that the suction is uninterrupted also because, through the pipe, too much warmth dispersed, subtracted to all the house. In fact, clean air is sucked by adjacent room, which must be connected with the bathroom through cracks, executed in a door or through an opening in the wall. It’s better if the cracks are made both in high and low part of the door. The apparatus will work only during the use of the bathroom and short minutes after: the start of the aspirator will be controlled by the starting of the light and there will be a timer which will protact a short time the action after the switching off.

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