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The water-tap

The water-tap is an element very important, not only aesthetically that is important too.
The water-taps must be good-quality if we don’t want, shortly after time, to replace them with an extra expenses.
The most important parts of a water-tap are not those are visible but those are built-in the wall: materials used are bross or select-metal alloy. The visible part can be to treat in various ways: chromed, painted, plasticized or can be in porcelain, in synthetic resin, in alluminum even in wood.
water tap, inox
The bloch, wich ceck the flow of water, must be heavy, without anomaly, perfectly calibrated with no-perishable gasket, or rather in ceramics or synthetic kind because they stop without need of harmful compression as before with old gaskets.Water-taps can be traditional namely with handelbar for cool or warm water and distributor or a mixer with one lever.If we choose two handelbar, it’s preferable a simple shape, easy to clean. Water-taps for the shower or the bathtub have often a thermostatic valve wich stops the water if the water reachs a certain temperature to avoid scalding.

Water-taps moreover, have often filter with extractble cartridge to avoid waters’ hardness and damage to waterwork. There are also smal water conditioners which can help all the waterwork: you must apply them in the place in wich there is the waters’ lacing. It’s better that every sanitary apparatus has a water-tap that isolate it in case of breakdown so that it’s not necessary to interrupt the delivery of water in all the house.

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