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Granite floor

Granite floor is more expensive than marble floor and it is not used a lot in private houses because it is considered cold. Granite has a really endless length. It’s impossible to mark, it doesn’t absorb, it doesn’t need to be polished because once smoothed it will remain shiny forever. It’s interesting to know that there is a new working process for marble.
In fact, we can find thin marble slabs to apply on the floor with a pre-polished surface in the market. They are suitable for covering walls too. The working process gets slim and the overall cost reduces eliminating sand-papering and polishing originally performed.
Slabs of cm 40*20 are sticked on all floors with a high tight product. The choice is vast because slabs are realized with different kinds of marble:

  • cheap marble: Chiampo, Trani;
  • good marble: Breccia Aurora, Giallo di siena;
  • high-quality marble: Fior di pesco carnico, bianco statuario, verde tigrato and verde alpi. 
The choice is between how much you want to spend and the colour you prefer.

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