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Resilient floor

The resilent is a material that doesn’t deform when soloicitated.
It can be called elastic material.
Resilient floor is used the most in hospitals, schools, and public locals because it has a large length and it holds out abrasions.
 It can be plain, variegated or with drawings like baked clay tiled floor.

  • “Linoleum” is the most known because it is present in the international market since years. In linoleum’s compositions, there’s linseed oil that has the unique property to regenerate the product plugging incisions and taking care of bruises and deformations. An extraordinary particularity that can make this floor lasting for years is a good manpower. Take care of grease and oil that could damage linoleum if you don’t whip it immediately. Linoleum washes easily with lukewarm water and sawdust and then passing floor wax without solvents to protect it.
  • “Vinyl” has a brighter surface than linoleum: the choice is between a plain tiled floor with drawings or lengths of cloth with shiny colours. Vinyl is considered a very hygienic material because joints between lengths of cloth can be welded to prevent infiltrations. The cleaning must be done with neutral detergents without solvents and abrasives.
  • “Cushion” floor is composed of different layers which makes it soft and silent. Cushion’s technical schedule defines it very though. Its superficial layer is of transparent vitrified vinyl, intermediate layer is an elastic foam and the third layer is a felt of asbestos with polyvinyl chloride. Cushion has different aspects like baked clay, marble and wood. Cushion is sold in lengths of cloth and is kept clean with water and neutral detergent. The laying occurs by sticking and it doesn’t fear any kind of impressions.
  •  “Gum” with a bubble surface is used not only for public flooring but also for kitchens, bathrooms and working flats to obtain a natural style furniture. Gum has a modern and agreeable colour, it is very hardwearing and anti-slip. Cleaning must always be done with neutral detergents and no abrasives. Floor wax will give brightness. Gum is sold in rolls or in layers of 50*50 cm.

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