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Kitchen, kitchen sink, tables, chairs, home appliances, kitchen lighting, doors, windows

It is a new habit having lunch in the kitchen, hence the latest building standards are planning it bigger including a kitchenette.
Therefore the living room has more space to enjoy and it makes easier to get the hand tools from the kitchen.
Furthermore to tidy up is easier since only one space has to be cleaned that has washable floor and covering.This room has gained more importance and it deserves to be well organized and furnished to allow to spend the meeting time in a nice way.
In conclusion, the components which make the kitchen a efficient room are:the covering, the basic and hanging furniture, the kitchen sink, the tables, the chairs, the home appliances, the doors, the windows, the curtains.The floor and the wall covering should be easily washable and hardly damaged.The material for the floor has to be chosen depending on the durability avoiding damages caused by heavy loads falling on it. We have already dealt with these floor materials (ceramics, rubber, linoleum, cork) in the part regarding the floors.
The walls can be ceramic tiled, or paper padded, with washable material, usury resistant.The color choice should depend on the natural light received from the room: if it is not much enlightened you should use warm color (yellow color scale), otherwise if the room is on the south side, and has big windows, you could use cold colors (blue color scale).You should be careful to do not using the water proof materials as enamel, or vinyl water paper, but simply to paint avoiding the condensation phenomena. Even if the last extractor fan is able to avoid the vapor inconvenient caused by the cooking you should prefer the juta material, or fabric wall for the kitchen nook.Moreover, if the kitchen is a countryside or mountain house, with a traditional furniture, the walls could be made by a folksy nubby plastering.

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