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The sanitary apparatus

The most important materials used are: the china glass, better, an hard porcellain totally vitrified;
Sanitary, WASHBASIN.the fire-clay that is a miwture of clays porcellain-covered with enamel and then cooked at high temperature;
the glazed steel, it is preferably used to built-in washbasin ( it is more light but it is even more vulnerable on collision and scratchs);
the methacrylate, strengthened with plastic reinforced by incorporated fibreglass, that allows to carry out peculiar shape : it has bright paint and is durable because it isn’t flaking off, doesn’t corrode, doesn’t rust and it remains unaltered by the chemicals contained in cleasing agents because it is full coloration.
Methacrylate’s pots have an inner ceramic coating that allows the use of any acid to cleaning.

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