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About bathroom

If the bathroom is small-size, the covering, if it is made whit tiles, must be mosaic standard. Big tiles would involve contiguous cuts and choppings. If we want the same covering in tiles to wall and floor we will be careful to that the joints are corresponded so, it’s better that the tiles are square shape or multiple side between them.
A material notmuch used , but that produces peculiar effects, is the opaline , produced in big slab, only for walls.The opaline is a glass paste, smooth, shiny and lacteous.
A material that requires for skilled labour is the metal: it is applied in smooth slabs or printed and it can be copper, alluminium, inox or enameled steel. In the bathroom of a country-seat or in boy’s bathroom can be applied to the ground a mat in grass-plat: it is fresh, pleasent to touch and sight. If the lamps are drawn near the place where there is a lot of steam ( for exemple cubicle shower), it’s better that they are watertight.

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