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Curtain with Vertical Bars

Curtains with vertical bars. It can represent the best solution in order to have a curtain strong and economic at the same time. It is suitable for doors-windows of small dimensions or with small free lateral space. Collected, in fact, it occupies only 10 percent of its whole width. Even the maintenance does not require much care.
The material used for the bars
is usually sized cotton which does not absorb the powder: for the cleaning part it is enough to brush it or to vacuum clean once in a while.
The washing part can be done every two years (in house or in a laundry). The bars are revolving, so the intensity of the light can be regulated until shielding it completely, and they have the quality of “guiding” the external brightness towards a small and specific part of the room.
The characteristics of the sized fabric help the room be isolated from unwanted curious looks, even when, in the evening, there are intense sources of light inside. The bars usually have measures varying between 12 and 15 cm of width.

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