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The shower

The shower is a way of washing that many people prefers: rapid, quick and stimulating. When it’s possible, it’s better that the cubicle shower is in a different room in which there is the bathtub, especcially in a family where there are boys.
If there is the possibility to have another or more bathroom, the problem is solved, otherwise it’s possible to make a bathroom opening out of boys’ room suitably arrenged.
The modern bath-showers, made up almost always of fire clays or methacrylate, can be placed also in different rooms from bathroom because the vertical panels, foreseen for some models, are absolutely anti-spray.The most easy and cheap way is to have the shower with phone applied to taps and fittings of the bathtub. If the bathtub is equipped with a protective shower curtain, the outlay is really reduced. Another way is to apply sliding doors to bathtub.
The consuption of warm water is lower for a shower than a bathtub.For boy’s bathroom it’s better ( it’s the more certain solution) to place a shower in a niche in the wall to close with a plastic curtain or a plastic door. The size can be 70 x 70 or 90x90.
it’s possible to create a shower made to measure and then to tile it.However, where you want to save money (country cottage, boys’ room, rapid renovation), you can apply polyurethane on cement, wood or brick to proof them. Very useful(to not slide) is the wooden listel footboard to put down the shower.
There are also showers cubicle which has a pump, to carry waste water, to link up to wastepipe of bathtub or wc: it’s a useful solution when it’s necessary to add a shower and you don’t want to bear the cost of works and uncomfortableness ( of masons and plumbers).
There are beside, particular box already fitted out with several accessories: shelves, coil to warm sponge, even a seat useful for old person: so that the shower is pleasant. It’s necessary to keep the water’s temperature costantly like you want.
To avoid variations of temperature, that are provoked by sudden change of pressure of cold water, it’s necessary to install a mixer that can be of two tipes: thermostatic or mechanical. Water’s temperature will remain unvaried after the regulation of degrees with a knob.There are special devices that produce, instead of usual jet of water, an intermittent jet suited to massage the body.

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