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Cork floor

Cork is a good material for a floor.
Contrary to people beliefs, it’s very strong.
It can remain immersed under water for years without losing any of its chemical composition’s characteristics. Cork is a fatty substance, it’s waterproof, highly non conducting on noises, heat and humidity. It’s extraordinarly elastic and it absorbs vibrations.
Cork for floor can be in small or big tiles, in fillets or slabs: its surface is treated differently on the basis of the required use. Cork can be plasticized for heavy traffic places, stores, cinemas, and offices. It is painted or waxed for houses. It doesn’t require particular care in maintenance.
If cork loses its brightness it’s sufficient to give a fresh coat of proper paint, but normally it’s cleaned with a damp torn like wooden floor. Cork tiles can be laid on the old floor taking care that the old one is clean and not greasy.
The colour choice is between a dark or clear floor, an even or variegated floor. Cork thickness is of 3 mm to 5 mm.

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