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Panel Curtain

The panel curtain. Planned for rooms furnished with geometric standards, the panel curtain is now present in any kind of room.
 Nevertheless it can be applied only in case of a free wall at the sides of a window, which has to have at least the same measure of a single panel, in order to permit its collection. According to the width of the window, the number of panels will change. Even in this system, the mechanical part is very important: it has to be realized in independent way regarding eventual unevenness of the ceiling, in order to permit the right sliding of the panels.
The maintenance is very simple because the panels can be easily detached from the guides when they need to be washed. Some types can be applied with adhesive hinges. In order for the panels to be always stretched, often it is good the use of fabrics with selvedges in the height of the panel.
Or the hemmings must be perfect, obtained with special machines: usually the producer of the mechanical parts has already made a first selection of suitable materials, in order to make the customer’s choice easier (and “safe”). Even if the most used fabric is the white one, other colors and disigns (often created by famous designers) that have decorations on various panels. Some fabrics are in natural fibers, like alpaca or wool; then some are in paper mat or in free threads in acetate chain stitch. Who wishes to darken the room, can use cotton materials with a side in PVC.
 The panel’s lead can be in rope, in tear or electrical working. Some producers put on sale panels ready for the installation, packed together with the mechanical parts (including the leading string already assembled). In the confection there is also an outline in order to calculate the measures, the number of the necessary panels and the instructions for the assembly, which can be executed by themselves with the aid of a drill. In order to regulate the height of the panel, the part that is left over has to be bundled up on an appropriate metallic support.

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