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A piece of furniture can be in natural or lacquered wood, or in plastic material: it’s onlu a matter of tastes because everyone (those in natural wood too) don’t change over the years and use.
It’s useful a chair (it’s better than a stool), because it can be folding and hung with a hook on the wall if the bathroom is small Bathroom’s door should always be a solid door.
The inner surface of a bathroom’s door should be enameled in a paint which goes with the remainder: or rather, in the same shade of tiles or furniture or an important element of room. The perfect solution is to cover the door with a slab of mirror:
it’s certainly useful and “widens” the room and makes it more bright. Bathroom’s door can be also equipped with a shelf of stained cloth: a useful solution if the bathroom is small, without the possibility to insert a piece of furniture.

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