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Baked clay floor

There are different types of baked-clay tiled floors that differs for definite characteristics.
The common material is clay, but the mixture of different types of clay, different way and cooking time causes the substantial differences that makes baked-clay suitable for different utilities.
We can find different types of baked clay floor.

  • Glazed tiled floors: they are called cottoforte or semi-gres and they have two cooking phases, one for the support and the other for the glaze. Their common shape is rectangular but we can find square shapes of 20*20 cm or 40*40 cm and other shapes for particular compositions too. This tiled floor has a pink or red reverse side and the glazed surface is plain or with patterns. If the tiled floor is based on a smooth floor without differences in level, it length is illimited even if knocked heavily. Perhaps, after few years the glaze will become dull: it’s worth to not apply a tiled floor with bright colours in a heavy traffic environment. Bright and specular colours like silver are obtained at low temperatures and they have little hardwearing. A glaze tiled floor is more durable when it’s obtained with a one time cooking. In this case the glaze and the support is cooked simultaneously at a higher temperature than glazed tiled floor in cottoforte. A glaze tiled floor is suited for heavy traffic places or an external terrace. Tiled floor is more hygienic and it needs easy maintenance: it’s easy to clean with the normal products you can find in commerce.
  • Klinker: it’s the most durable baked clay material. It’s resistant to intense cold, impacts, acids and intense abrasion. Klinker is obtained with a working process of pure valuable heat resistant baked clay and it’s cooked at a high temperature, more than 1200° C. It is produced in different colours and shapes, it can be glazed or not, with a smooth rough or knurled surface. Klinker has a vast use for a sophisticated house or an industry floor.
  • Glazed gres: it’s a very durable material obtained with a mixture of clay materials. It is completely unabsorbent because it’s mostly vitrified. Its colouring is obtained with colouring agents in the mixture. Klinker and gres can be washed with usual detergents. There are only few colours: gres tiled floor can be white, beige, gray, blue or black. In addition, they can be plain or variegated.

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