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Mirror, sink, Water-closet, bidet, bathtub,box-shower: The necessary in your bathroom

The bathroom can become a wonderful place if well-finished.

Furniture like the sink with first-rate water-tap can reflect the furnischings of your house;
a box-shower or a idromassage-bathtub can help you to fight tiredness and stress.
bathtub Frequently, in a spacious apartment there are few square metres for the bathroom, a room that, on the countraty, require our attention both the arrangement of the furniture and the choice of the material.
The bathroom can be comfortable, funcional and pleasant like the other rooms of our house.
It’s preferable sober furniture because its upkeep is not difficult.
It doesn’t mean impersonal or cool style like someone can think. Therefore if it’s possible, we must reserve to bathroom some space:
if to do this it’s necessary to move furniture of the bathroom, we must be carefull to drain-pipe, above all to the column of dirty-wate.shower - Furnish-home
It will be necessary to heighten the floor so that the rise can contain ipe-fiting that link up the wc with drain-pipe. The pipe-fitting must have some slope.
The step (so costituted) must be well visible to be not danger. The step can have another paint in comparison to the floor or can be to make with another material.
All material are suitable for the bathroom: ceramic, moquette, marble, rubber, wood, cork.
Wood and cork must be to treat so that they don’t suffer alteration because of the steam. In fact now are difused equipments of forced ventilation.
The bathroom, therefore, must be enough spacious to allow both free and easy movements and the presence of other elements besides ordinary furniture. It’s better divide the space into two area through a piece of furniture or a wall with niche so that the bidet and the wc are bidden.
Wc bidet and sink can be hanging from a wall or leaned on floor: in the first one the cleaning is more quick!

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