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Wooden floor–Parquet

Wood is a natural material that has always been used.
It’s particulary used in northern countries where there are a lot of wood and many artisans work it to create great creations with inlays and combinations of various essences.
Wood has many good points, not only aesthetic: it has a reduced conductibility to let the floor result fresh in summer and warm in winter.
Then, it muffle sounds and its thoughness gives the possibility to threat it with modern protective varnishes.
A good wooden floor must have strong, hard, seasoned and first quality wood. There are different kinds of wood. Strong woods are: oak, beech, chestnut, larch, walnut, ash and elm. Greenwoods are: pine, fir, poplar, alder, birch, and plane.
Greenwood is used the most for a farmhouse style floor. The classical essence for a wooden floor is oak which is a durable wood with three varieties: bitter oak, bay oak and durmast.
The great success of a wooden floor depends on the favourable environment conditions in which it is placed. For example, it’s important a dry place, working heating and and mounted frames if the house is under construction.
It’s essential dry walls and foundation, otherwise wood will tend to swell and fissure.
The laying that offers more guarantees of duration is the nailing on fir fillets drowned in cement.
The most common drawing is herring-bone or quarterdeck that are small wooden boards fixed one beside another.
Wooden tiled floor formed of little fillets pasted nearby is widespread. It’s a less estimeed wooden floor because fillets are obtained by scraps. Wooden fillets tiled floor is pasted on cement foundation. Fillets and small boards can be laid down a pre-existent floor, or on chipboard insulating boards. Once, a wooden floor caused some difficulties in hardwearing because it required a periodic scraping with steel whool, washing with turpentine, and wax finishing.
Today you can have a floor that is always in order with minimum effort thanks to modern transparent paints. You must only pass a damp floorcloth. Protective paints can make wood brighter or not: aesthetically it’s preferable to leave the floor semibright so you can wax it if you want and you don’t transform wood in a sheet of glass. It’s not necessary to plane wood periodically and to reduce thickness at each planning because there are protective paints.
For this, the wood thickness can be reduced to allow the application on on a preexisting floor. Modern industry has created fillets or small boards already painted, wrapped up in boxes that everyone can bring home to avoid an expensive manpower to apply the product. Laying is very easy: the product must be sticked after a careful cleaning and taking the grease off the old floor.
Naturally,it’s also possible to apply the material on the wall. In wood markets you can buy different type of fillets: fir, walnut, birch can be natural or treated with transparent paint in different colours.
They are predisposed in male or female to be laid on a dry, clean and flat bottom. It isn’t a difficult work because the supplier gives instructions for the installation of each kind of material.

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